Designed for supreme performance.

Fly over tarmac. Slice through the wind. That’s what riding with our brand new DURA-ACE carbon wheelsets feels like. Our most advanced technologies give you aero advantage to beat the clock and save you weight for the mountain climbs. Ready for a sprint? From the very first pedal stroke, you’ll feel all your power directly transferring through the rigid construction into unstoppable motion.

Rim or disc brake, you’ll have ultimate control and confidence in race conditions. And with its stealthy design, jaw droppage is guaranteed.



Wheelset C60 series: aerodynamic performance

Wheelset C40 series: best all-round wheelset

Wheelset C24 series: responsive acceleratio


OPTBAL Spoke System 

The OPTBAL rear wheel features a unique 2:1 spoke lacing pattern with half the number of spokes on the non-drive side, reducing weight without compromising performance. It gives you that next level of sublime power transfer by rebalancing spoke tension. This also increases wheel rigidity and strength for a more durable wheel. 

Offset Rim

Offset rims are used to support the OPTBAL Spoke System, to help create a more uniform spoke tension. It also increases lateral rigidity by reducing the severity of the spoke angle on the drive side.   


Extra-Wide Flange 

The extra-wide hub flange boosts power-transfer efficiency by maximizing torsional and lateral rigidity. It is accomplished by increasing the triangulation base between the two hub flanges and the rim. This, in turn, reduces spoke angle on the cassette side for a more uniform spoke tension on both sides of the wheel.  


Our aim is drag reduction through improved aerodynamics. The new designs enable you to cut through winds coming from all directions, not just frontal wind resistance. We’ve done this with the help of extensive wind-tunnel testing, computer modelling and the support of the best pro racers in the world.


D2 Rim 

The ultimate in aerodynamics. The D2 rim performs optimally in real-world riding conditions – no matter the wind direction. Our engineers saw to it that the D2 rim cuts through both head and lateral winds so you ride faster no matter which way the wind blows. The new rim design also boosts lateral wheel stiffness while improving vertical compliance for increased control, comfort and durability on the road. Its optimized wide rim shape with deep tire bed not only increases your aerodynamics and speed but also takes your comfort to the next level. 



Carbon Rim Technology 

Built to give you the competitive edge, the rims are well balanced, strong, lightweight, and durable. Its amazingly smooth brake track gives you control and confidence in all conditions. We accomplished all this by optimizing materials, layup, curing and specially-devised moulding processes. 


 Carbon Laminated Construction

For a supreme balance of weight, rigidity and ride quality, we strategically set multiple layers of lightweight, unidirectional carbon, over ultra-thin aluminium rims. Result: an incredible fusion of the strength and damping properties inherent in both materials. 


Rim Design Strategy 

Our engineers chose an original, innovative and successful rim design strategy that delivers you a wheel that achieves exceptional lightness, stiffness and durability. Unmistakably superior ride quality for a faster, smoother ride. They accomplished this by starting with an extremely light material and then adding only the minimum reinforcement necessary to achieve the ideal rim.



Digital Cone Bearing Adjustment System 

Experience easier maintenance, simple adjustability and serviceability with our digital bearing adjustment system. Based on a digital adjustment without a double lock, a 5mm hex wrench is all that’s required to make a precise bearing adjustment.



Alloy / Steel Hybrid Bearing Cones 

By using an aluminium body with integrated steel ball race, we’ve reduced weight while maintaining durability.



Angular Contact Cup & Cone Bearings 

Faster rides. Less maintenance. Longer life. It all adds up to unrivalled ride quality. Our angular cup and cone bearing technology provides the strength to resist not only radial loads on the straight but also angular loads in the turns.


12mm & 15mm E-Thru axle

E-Thru axle lever action works like a conventional 9mm quick release, but its oversize construction is designed to minimize suspension distortion. How you’ll benefit is from optimized rotor and cassette precision, reduced weight and complete system rigidity. The 15mm front E-THRU axle system is 15% stiffer tortionally and 25% stiffer in transverse shear, when compared to a traditional quick release system.