CRANKSET – Power Meter

What the power meter will do for you

The Shimano FC-R9100-P power meter: the essential performance tool for every cyclist who wants to achieve their true potential. By gathering real-time accurate and reliable power output data, you can track and analyse every detail of your ride. You can then use this potent information to tune your training and racing for maximum results. 

Power meters are one of the fastest growing technologies in cycling. In just a few years, they have moved from being pro-only equipment to affordable training aids for amateur racers and keen recreational riders.  


Watch the movie and see how the power meter works.

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Advantages over heart rate monitors

The wattage (torque (force x crank length) x RPM) gives an objective picture of your muscular effort at any time during your ride. This has great advantages for relatively short interval blocks, where heart rate measurement often falls short. 


While it may take up to two minutes to reach the heart rate zone that reflects your effort, assuming the number is not altered by weather conditions or fatigue/health, power measurement provides instantaneous and accurate feedback within five seconds. No more overshooting your efforts on those short intervals. 


With a power meter, you can measure your efforts and gauge them without question – every time. It also allows you to figure out your limits and lets you know how to pace yourself. 


You can also perform very specific training, such as "sweet spot training" for an optimal training effect. By keeping tabs of your Training Stress Score (TSS) and Intensity Factor (IF), you can track your "training stimulus." With this information, you can more easily tailor the timing and intensity of your workouts to hit your goals. It should also make overtraining a thing of the past.

Post-race analysis

After each ride or race, you can thoroughly analyse how it went with the Shimano power meter. Learn where you used your power, how much you used and for how long. Did you feel effective at certain moments on the bike? Did you bonk? Suffer from heavy legs? If so, where – and why? Just look at the results for your answers. 

You may learn that your heavy legs came from putting out too much power with too low a cadence, for instance. Or maybe the workout was a success and you want to re-enact it, or certain parts of it, in the future. 

The power meter is a real motivator, especially when you can accurately track your progress – during workouts inside or outside, and also in the races. Your coach will be equally pleased they can tailor your training to perfectly match your needs.


Crank integrated

The Shimano FC-R9100-P power meter guarantees reliability. It boasts a completely sealed, crank-integrated design that is waterproof in all conditions. The built-in battery is recharged by a small magnetic adapter, so there is no cover to open. 

The direct instant response system ensures accurate data collection for stable power measurement at various stepping positions. Plus a simple reset by a switch on the transmitter.


• Accurate real time data

• Compatible with 3rd party displays

• Bluetooth / ANT technology

• Hollowtech II construction

• Hollowglide chain

• 11-speed compatible