Conquer the wind as well as the clock.

With our DURA-ACE C60 carbon aerodynamic wheelset, aptly named the Blade Concept, you’ll speed off the starting ramp, fly out of the transition area, and leave your competitors behind when winds are at their strongest. It is the ultimate wheelset for performance-driven athletes, where every second counts!

Born from a mix of extensive wind tunnel testing and feedback from some of the world’s fastest cyclists, the 60mm deep D2 rim will slice valuable seconds from your time. Improved rigidity thanks to a wide flange hub and offset rim will help you reach that next level of aerodynamic performance. Its wide rim further enhance your solid feeling of stability and comfort. What you win is speed and all weather confidence, even in strong cross winds. 



• Tubular & tubeless: 60mm rim depth / Clincher: 50mm rim depth

• Wide rim: rim brake 22.4mm (clincher) and 28mm (tubular), E-Thru 24mm (tubeless and tubular)

• Rim and disc brake versions available

• Quick release (rim brake) and E-Thru (disc brake)

• Clincher, tubular and tubeless options

• Balanced low inertia & aerodynamics

• Aerodynamic performance

•  D2 Rim

• Improved drive rigidity

• OPTBAL spoke system

• Lightweight yet rigid

• Ultra-light full carbon rim (WHR9100-C60-TU)


• Rim brake clincher: front 832g, rear 1019g

• Rim brake tubular: front 662g, rear 818g

• Disc brake tubeless: front 745g, rear 902g

 • Disc brake tubular: front 605g, 750g


Rim Brake version:  

• Easy maintenance

• Digital cone bearing adjustment system


Disc Brake version: 

• Road E-Thru 12mm

• Centre-lock disc brake system



Learn more about the DURA-ACE Wheels technologies


Relentless Tri & Road Race Performance

It rained hard during this 2:30hrs ride, and there was a lot of slush on the roads in places, but the [disc] braking felt superb: sharp, progressive, and easy to modulate.
- Road.cc


The brand new C60 tubular wheels munched the tarmac well, another good bit of the bike that pushes you to go faster.


New DURA-ACE [disc] group is certainly the most refined and unified group I’ve pedalled.