Ride to win on all road terrains.

Become the master of all disciplines with the DURA-ACE C40 wheelset - the ultimate lightweight, responsive all-rounder. Its 40mm deep rim lifts your game with its balanced low inertia and aerodynamics. Its wide rim further enhances your solid feeling of stability and comfort. Plus improved braking, handling and acceleration. 

The C40’s increase in rigidity achieved through its advanced technology and design offers supreme power transfer so that no watt is left behind. Get ready to unleash all-out speed on your competitors!



• Tubular & tubeless: 40mm rim depth / Clincher: 35mm rim depth

• Wide rim: rim brake 20.8mm (clincher) and 28mm (tubular), E-Thru 24mm (tubeless and tubular)

• Rim and disc brake versions available

• Quick release (rim brake) and E-Thru (disc brake)

• Clincher, tubular and tubeless options

• Best all-round wheelset

• Balanced low inertia & aerodynamics

• Responsive acceleration

• Improved drive rigidity

• OPTBAL spoke system

• Lightweight yet rigid

• Ultra-light full Carbon rim (WH-R9100-C40-TU)


• Rim brake clincher: front 674g, rear 834g 

• Rim brake tubular: front 605g, rear 750g

• Disc brake tubeless: front 707g, rear 856g

• Disc brake tubular: front 626g, 774g

Rim Brake version: 

• Easy maintenance

• Digital cone bearing adjustment system


Disc Brake version:

• Road E-Thru 12mm

• Centre-lock disc brake system



Learn more about the DURA-ACE Wheels technologies

Pro Tour Confidence and Performance

Shimano makes big aero claims for its designs, and hints that this is its biggest investment into aerodynamically designed wheels to date.

As a result, you have a set of hoops which will suit almost any day in the saddle, be it in the hills, through the mountains, over rough roads, in the cut-and-thrust of the peloton or on a big sportive.