Designed for quicker climbing and faster acceleration.

Always wanted to successfully attack the field or challenge them to a sprint to the line? Or had designs of defying gravity while you soar up mountains like never before? The DURA-ACE C24 series carbon laminate wheelset helps you to realise your dreams. While riding these wheels, you’ll have an even better chance of out-accelerating and out-climbing those around you.


Equipped with 24mm deep rims, they offer increased rigidity for improved drivetrain efficiency. Lightweight titanium hubs for reduced friction. Just be sure to hold on tight as these wheels will deliver you from zero to hero in record time!


• 24mm rim depth

• 20.8mm wide rim

• Clincher only

• Wider hub flanges for increased stiffness

• Weight: front 618g, rear 835g

• Lightweight wheelset

• Improved drive rigidity

•  Wide flange hub and offset rim for high rigidity and power transmission

• Lightweight yet rigid

• Carbon laminate rim

• Efficient drive train

• Lightweight titanium freehub body

• Easy maintenance

• Digital cone bearing adjustment system



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Wheels to take you anywhere you want to go

Products that pass the test to have DURA-ACE, Shimano’s premier logo on the side, are generally right at the top of the tree, and you can mount a set of these on your bike knowing that they’ll likely be rather good indeed.
- RoadCyclingUK.com


Shimano's DURA-ACE C24 carbon laminated wheels are light, stiff and responsive, putting in an excellent all-round performance.