DURA-ACE R9100 media launch

The DURA-ACE R9100 series is launched at a big press event in Caen, France. Curious about the media launch?

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DURA-ACE R9100 series


The DURA-ACE groupset is the result of Shimano’s ongoing passion for technology. This is reflected in every single component in the groupset. All components are joined together to work as one, reinforcing each other for unparalleled performance. This is how DURA-ACE achieves ultimate supremacy.

DURA-ACE R9100 series


Decades of experience as the undisputed leader in cycling technology has culminated in our most beautiful, progressive design ever. Sleek, powerful, effective… and evolved through science. For the new DURA-ACE groupset, we improved upon each and every individual component. Together they form a truly superior groupset. A perfectly balanced total system. Improving performance by maximising efficiency: that’s how we’re able to ensure the best for cyclists with the highest demands.


Optimal input - maximum output

The drivetrain is perfectly balanced for improved performance. All components are part of an integrated system for optimum power transfer, including the vast array of gearing choices to perfectly match your riding style and needs. Repeatedly tested for maximum efficiency on all terrains, under all conditions.


Built to handle the pressure

Optimal power transfer

Rider-tuned gearing options

Iconic design

The R9100 series crankset achieves the ultimate in optimal power transfer. It does this through its broader Hollowtech II arm and a more reinforced outer chainring on its unique asymmetrical four-arm spider construction. The new R9100 cranks set the highest standards for stiffness and lightness.

  • hollowtech
  • hollowglide

Crankset: Power meter edition

Cycling becomes scientific with integrated intelligence

Integrated intelligence

  • bluetooth
  • ant

Power to you

With the first integrated power meter, you can expect extremely accurate data. The FC-R9100-P is Shimano’s first power meter, as well as Shimano’s first crank-integrated power meter on the market. It retains its unique asymmetrical four-arm spider construction, but with a ‘brain’ mounted on the inside. On its crank arm are the strain gauges. Working perfectly in sync with each other, you can use the extremely precise power data to improve your performance.

All about the Power Meter


Tuning your ride

Gears to match your riding style as well as your chosen terrain with Shimano’s new rider-tuned cassette sprockets. The new lightweight titanium 11-speed cassettes are available in various sprocket combinations, including the new 11-30T version. Fast, accurate and smooth shifting is guaranteed in all situations.

Rider tuned

  • Wider gear combination: 11-28T/12-28T/11-30T
  • Closer gear combination: 11-25T/12-25T


  • HyperGlide


Wheelset C24 series

responsive acceleration

Wheelset C40 series

best all-round wheelset

Wheelset C60 series

aerodynamic performance

Available as clincher, tubular and tubeless for both rim or disc brakes

Wheelset C60 series

Boost your aerodynamic performance

Rim and disc brake versions available

Quick release (rim brake) and e-thru (disc brake)

Clincher, tubular and tubeless options

The DURA-ACE C60 series carbon wheelset, available in both rim- and disc brake version, provides improved rigidity thanks to a wide flange hub and offset rim so you can reach that next level of aerodynamic performance.

Wheelset C40 series

Lightweight all-rounder with quick acceleration

The lightweight DURA-ACE C40 series is the ultimate all-rounder. Yet, it’s still aero thanks to the wide rim you’ll see at the C40. Available in both rim and disc brake version. This 40 mm carbon wheelset has an increase in rigidity for improved aerodynamic performance, while maintaining a comfortable riding experience. Its braking, handling and acceleration are top notch.

Rim and disc brake versions available

Quick release (rim brake) and e-thru (disc brake)

Clincher, tubular and tubeless options

Wheelset C24 series

Ultralight – built for quick acceleration and climbing

With the DURA-ACE C24 series carbon laminate wheelset, you’ll experience a faster, smoother and more responsive ride. Expect to out-accelerate and out-climb the competition. It boasts increased rigidity for improved drivetrain efficiency and lightweight titanium hubs for reduced friction.

Clincher only

24 mm rim depth

Wider hub flanges for increased stiffness



What's your choice?

Di2 Mechanical shifting TT/TRI

Dual Control Lever

Always in control

Fine-tuning to the lightweight DURA-ACE R9100 series Di2 Dual Control Lever includes more grip and balanced ergonomics with customisable reach adjust for improved shifting (and braking) operation. Its more defined click feeling ensures you feel more in control with every shift.

Part of the balanced brake system

Improved ergonomics

Customisable reach adjust

  • eTube
  • Di2




Low profile: Shimano Shadow RD

The 11-speed DURA-ACE Di2 rear derailleur ensures ergonomic, stable and effective shifting without stress thanks to a low profile design and Shimano Shadow RD. Thanks to its clever design it can handle a cassette range of 11-30. The front derailleur maintains its compact and smooth appearance for the DURA-ACE R9100 series. For quick and smooth shifting 'under' high pedaling torque.

  • shimano shadow rd
  • eTube
  • Di2

Superior shifting

Synchronized Shift

Synchronized Shift improves the efficiency of shifting while you ride. It offers many advantages such as faster, more accurate and powerful shifting in all riding conditions while minimising stress on the drivetrain.

  • Di2


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Dual Control Lever


The R9100 mechanical Dual Control Lever offers a shorter lever stroke, an expanded reach adjustment range for precise lever position, and lighter front shifting operation for quick and intuitive shifting (and braking) in all situations. Further improvements are its renewed hood cover material and its comfortable ergonomic shape with more grip.



The 11-speed DURA-ACE rear derailleur has been redesigned for lighter, quicker operation with the help of low-friction polymer-coated cables. This new derailleur is also Direct Mount-equipped offering a stiffer foundation for improved shifting as well as minimising the chance of frame damage through a crash. Front derailleur cable routing has also been adjusted to further reduce shift force. The precise and easy front derailleur set up offers more cable routing options and integrated cable tension adjustment.

Low profile design for a safe ride

More cable routing options for easy set up

Low profile: Shimano Shadow RD

  • shimano shadow rd


The ultimate stopping power

Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper


Ice Technology ‘Freeza’

Easy one-way bleeding process

Low profile caliper design

The lower the temperature the better for a more consistent brake performance in all conditions. With an increased surface area for heat dispersion, Shimano’s Ice Tech Freeza rotor has realised the ultimate in heat control. Now you’ll keep it cool on the downhills, even when the heat is on.

  • ice tech freeza
  • one way bleeding

Dual-Pivot Brake Caliper

Rim braking: better control, more confidence

Compatible with 28c tires

The sleekly designed R9100 series rim brake, with its lightweight Dual-Pivot Brake Caliper, offers maximum precision for better control and more confidence in the races. Simple to set up and easy to maintain through easy tool access and fast wheel replacement.


Direct Mount Type Brake Caliper

Rim braking: better control, more confidence

Compatible with 28c tires

The Direct Mount Type Brake Caliper has an increased overall braking performance. A better clearance for a wider tire makes for a more comfortable ride on rough roads. Intuitive braking control for a smooth and light operation.

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